URGENT: The Importance of Safety Procedures when Transporting Young Children

July 24, 2012

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The soaring Texas temperatures pose a deadly threat to children who are left in vehicles. This weekend we were given a heartbreaking reminder when a Dallas child lost his life after being left in a van following a field trip.

This tragic loss of life is preventable! On September 1, 2009 Senate Bill 572, or “Jacob’s Law,” went into effect, mandating two hours of transportation safety training annually for all child care employees who transport children under the age of 9. 

ChildCareGroup offers ongoing Transportation Safety Training to child care providers. For more information, visit our online training calendar, or CLICK HERE to register for our upcoming training on August 14.

In addition, ChildCareGroup has developed a two hour training DVD and a curriculum CD for providers to fulfill the requirements of this training mandate. Nationally recommended practices and basic safety information are incorporated into the training materials. For more information, CLICK HERE.


Important Transportation Safety Tips:
Providers, please take this opportunity to remind your staff of the basic things to remember when planning field trips and transporting children.

  • Before taking children on any trip away from the facility, prepare them for what will be happening. Talk about where they will be going, how they will get there, and what adults will be going with them.
  • Review safety information from the mandated Transportation Safety Training.
  • If it has been a while since the children have traveled anywhere, or if there are several new children to the group, it can help to have a practice for loading and unloading, and checking attendance to ensure that both children and adults know the routines.
  • Be sure to post any field trip information for parents 48 hours in advance. List the location, date, and estimated time of departure and return. Be sure that required permission forms are in place for each child, and a roster of children’s names is prepared ahead of time.
  • Take time to plan the route the vehicle will take to and from the site. Make sure there is a copy of this plan on file at the facility as well as a copy with the driver.
  • ALWAYS remember to have a procedure for checking children in and out of the vehicles. Search in the vehicle to ensure that no children are left, and do a head count before and after transporting children.

For more information about Transportation Safety Training, please CLICK HERE.