Books, Books Everywhere!

July 8, 2011

Landauer ChildCareGroup Center hosted a book fair for families. The best part?  These books were absolutely free!

Children went on treasure hunts to find their favorite books, while volunteers Julie Williams and Maci Hall worked around the clock to keep the shelves stocked. If children wanted a break from their hunt, they could sit in the Story Corner and listen to Maci, our designated storyteller, read out loud.

Everyone had a great time, and we were excited about this opportunity to share the importance of reading!

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Volunteers and staff provided books to 28 children and their siblings (each child walked away with more than 10 books), passed out adult books for the parents and still had enough books to restock classrooms for next school year!

Fannie Mae
Half Price Books
Linda Lopez
Eritrea Jackson
Brandan Garrett
Messiah Benefield
Wilma Jones-Harrington
Julie Williams and Maci Hall