Brookhaven College and Dallas Filipino Lions Club at ChildCareGroup

September 11, 2013

Lions Club and Brookhaven at Landauer 2013

Children in ChildCareGroup’s early care and education programs are getting a healthy start, with the help of volunteers from Brookhaven College and and Dallas Filipino Lions Club!

At the beginning of each school year, ChildCareGroup provides health screenings to all of the 3-5 year old children who attend our Center Programs. We screen heights, weights, blood pressure, hemoglobin, hearing and vision.

Brookhaven at MLK 1 2013

For the second year, we are excited to partner with the Brookhaven College Nursing Program, who not only assisted with the screenings but also provided entertaining educational presentations to the children.

Brookhaven at Landauer 2 -2013

Brookhaven at MLK 2013 2

Brookhaven Ed at Landauer 2013

Hearing Screening at MLK 2013

MLK - Brookhaven Ed Penguin 2

Thank you to Crystal Garzda, Tracey Hobbs and Joyce Swegle, the nursing faculty, and more than 30 nursing students for volunteering their time and nursing skills!


This year, for the first time, we are excited to partner with Dallas Filipino Lions Club Foundation, who provided the free vision screenings for our children using a new breakthrough vision screening device called ‘SPOT’ by Pediavision. SPOT can assess a child’s vision with unmatched speed, accuracy and deliver immediate comprehensive results.

Lions Club at Landauer 2013

Kids at MLK Health Screening 2013

Thank you to Vinod and Gloria Mathur, Fred Henkel and Maria Theresa Cruz for volunteering your time and expertise!

Brookhaven College and ChildCareGroup Work Together to Benefit Students

July 5, 2012

ChildCareGroup (CCG) is excited to partner with Brookhaven College, to mutually benefit the students in both programs.

Mark A. Meyer, Ph.D-Nursing, R.N., Dean of Brookhaven College, School of Nursing, contacted ChildCareGroup to inquire about openings for their nursing interns, and the rest is history!

From that conversation, the CCG Health Services Department worked with Brookhaven to develop a plan to meet the requirements of students in nursing school, while helping CCG provide the necessary screenings to students at our early care and school readiness education centers.

This valuable partnership will save CCG Health Specialist countless hours! In the past, these screenings were performed on approximately 120 children at each center by one Health Specialist. The screenings would typically take 45 days to complete. With a coordinated effort between the entire Health & Inclusion Specialist team, plus 18 interns, these screenings can be done in a matter of days.

Health Fairs have been held at Anderson, Landauer, Bock and MLK, where approximately 100 children were screened.  The interns assisted with the blood pressure, heights and weights, and blood tests.  They also provided mini-education presentations on hygiene, dental care and nutrition. The fairs were a huge success!

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Many thanks to the interns from Brookhaven College of Nursing, their supervisor, Crystal Gazda, and the Health and Inclusion staff.  A special thanks to the center managers, teachers, cooks and staff for their hospitality.

The Brookhaven interns who assisted with the fair are:

  • Group 1: Anderson and MLK
    Instructor:  Crystal Gazda
    Interns: Hyang Chu, Angela Davis, Amanda Foster, Shawna Goit, Julie Hernandez, Jonlyn Krein, Krystel Long, Heather Montgomery, Pattra Oupetch, Tiffany Schaeer,  
  • Group 2:  Landauer and Bock
    Instructor:  Crystal Gazda
    Interns: Lori Gallardo, Steven George, Karina Mota,  Riz Olivarez, Jana Perez, Shawn Simmons, George Vazahachira, Aurlyn Wygle. 

Thanks to Brookhaven College for helping us keep our children healthy!