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We operate 6 early education and school readiness centers directly. Click on one of the centers below to get more information!

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The heart of our early education and school readiness centers are our outstanding staff. They play a critical role in the care of children. Center staff members include:

  • An Early Childhood Center Manager, who directs the program.
  • A Family Advocate, who serves as a resource for families to meet their individual needs. Family Advocates work one-on-one with families to identify personal challenges, set goals to overcome obstacles and achieve self-sufficiency.
  • A Health Services Specialist, who provides health screenings and is a resource for medical and dental health needs.
  • A Nutrition Coordinator, who gives guidance on menu planning and individual nutritional counseling.
  • A Cook, who prepares healthy meals and snacks.
  • An Inclusion Specialist, who offers support to children with special needs.
  • A Constant Caregiver, who is also the child’s Teacher. Teachers conduct developmental assessments on the children in her/his constant care group. Based on the child’s assessment, the teacher makes an individualized development plan and implements daily learning activities that support the child’s growth and development.


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