Safety Rules for Parents & Kids

Roseane Maitland

Parent Educator for Born Learning


As a Parent Educator in the Born Learning Parent Engagement Program at ChildCareGroup, I get the opportunity to work with families and their young children, ages 0 to 5, every day. By teaching parents and children a set of curriculum that helps develop language, cognitive, and social skills, my colleagues and I help young children prepare for kindergarten and beyond. My extensive time spent with children also makes me a very protective mother, and I understand the importance of establishing safety rules between parents and kids. Here are few safety rules every parent and child should keep in mind:


For their own safety, kids should not open the door for anyone or answer the phone if they are home alone. It’s much easier for a child to just ignore the phone than to pick up and accidently say they are home alone. Kids should really only answer the phone if their parents are calling.


Every parent has had that terrifying moment when they are at the grocery store, and suddenly their child is no longer right by their side. Teach your kids to stay where they are when they become separated from you. Kids should have their address and phone number memorized. They should also know how to dial 911 and identify police officers.


Teach your kids never to go anywhere without you or a trusted buddy. In school, kids are usually taught to buddy up with a classmate, and this rule should apply everywhere. A child should never go anywhere unaccompanied.


Make a code word!  This is fun for kids and is a great way to ensure their safety. Teach your kids not to get into any car or vehicle without permission. The code word is good to use when you cannot pick up your kids from school and need a friend or family member to do the job. It is important to make sure the child does not get in the car, even if a familiar face is at the wheel, unless that person knows the code word. Make sure to come up with a word that is unique and easy to remember.


Children should be taught not to keep secrets from their parents. There are, of course, differences between little secrets, like a surprise birthday party for Daddy, and bigger secrets; but be sure to teach your kids the difference. Kids should not keep any secrets from their parents, especially between themselves and other adults.

Kids are so precious and trusting, so it is crucial to talk to them about safety rules. Safe practices will help protect them and give you peace of mind.  For more information on safety rules and tips for children, visit Child Rescue Network.

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