Julia’s Story

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Julia is a courageous mother of four, who moved to the United States with her husband nine years ago. Before coming to the states, Julia lived in Mexico, where she and her husband both had careers as accountants. Julia’s husband believed they could provide an even better life for their family in the United States, where they could find opportunities not available in Mexico.

In 2006, Julia and her husband left their relatives, careers, and culture behind to come to the U.S. They only knew a little bit of English when they first arrived in the new country. Although Julia held an accounting position back home, her first job in the United States was as a fry cook at a McDonald’s restaurant. Julia and her husband have worked hard to build a new and better life for their family.

Julia now has four beautiful children. Her youngest is a two-year old named Joshua, who is currently enrolled in ChildCareGroup’s Born Learning Parent Engagement Program, which serves families with young children, age 0 to 5. Born Learning Parent Educators visit the families every two weeks and set up curriculum for the children and parents to work on together. Joshua is a very active child, and thanks to the Born Learning program, he has opportunities to engage in activities that many children do not get to participate in until kindergarten. Joshua has thrived in the program.

Parent Educators also help parents identify children’s learning and developmental needs and connect families to a medical home, job training, English classes, and other support services in the community. Julia’s Parent Educator motivated her to get more involved in the community, so she became involved in the Hispanic Families Network in the Bachman Lake neighborhood of Dallas. This program uses media innovation to engage local Hispanic communities around issues that are important to them. Through this engagement, Julia became knowledgeable about early childhood education and community resources. In Mexico, many parents do not understand why early education is so important to childhood development. Julia believes ChildCareGroup’s Born Learning program has done a lot to help her grow as a parent and better serve her family.

Nine years after moving to the U.S., Julia has her green card, works as a part time teaching aid and is enrolled in English classes at Brookhaven College. She is glad she can help share them with other families in her work. With all of her hard work, Julia still wants to accomplish more. She dreams of buying a house and of seeing all of her children graduate from college.

Julia and her husband had the courage to leave everything they had in Mexico to start fresh in the United States. They have made tremendous sacrifices so their children can access more opportunities and have a better life.  Julia does miss her home in Mexico – the culture, food and all of her family – but enjoys the freedom and opportunity available here in the U.S. Julia and her husband are truly inspiring for parents in similar situations.  Julia hopes parents from all backgrounds know that anything is possible with goals, perseverance and a strong foundation of education.

Having access to quality education for her young children here in Dallas is Julia’s favorite thing about living in the United States. Julia wants all parents to know that it is possible for kids to receive a quality education from an early age and that receiving an education will make meaningful impact on their lives for years to come. Parents are looking for education for their children all the time, but when budgets and resources are limited, many parents feel they must give up the search. Yet if they stick with it, so many doors will open for them.

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